Hi and welcome to the project! 🙂

There are always new wine regions to discover and this can start with a group of your friends travelling to Moldova.

Why Alina’s Project?

I am Alina and I’m a marketing manager based in London. I’ve been living abroad as an expat and exploring the world since I was 16. In that time I’ve been learning about travel, meeting new people and making friends that will last a lifetime. This is my passion project where I would like to invite you to join the trips I am organising to Moldova. I must confess that the most frequent question I get asked is “Where is Moldova?” and my answer always goes along the lines of…. a small ex-soviet country, landlocked between Romania and Ukraine. It’s little visited, lost in time but always surprising 🙂 BUT I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU MORE…

Not a lot of people know that Moldova is actually one of the world’s foremost wine producers, with an incredibly high-quality collection in its cellar doors that is just crying out to be enjoyed. But unlike other famous wine regions, like Tuscany in Italy or Bordeaux in France –Moldova has remained largely untouched and unvisited. This can only mean one thing: there is more wine left for everyone else to enjoy! 🙂

More wine really means an unique underground city like the  Cricova Winery that goes down to 100 metres (330 ft) below ground and holds 1.25 million bottles of rare wine. So I hope I have convinced you to visit my home country or at least made you wonder where Moldova is…. 

Have a look at the trips page to find out more.