Marketing a Country like Moldova

How I want to do marketing for my country?

It’s the country where I was born and now more than ever I would like to promote it. Moldova is now rediscovering its winemaking past. In addition to having old wineries, my country is building new ones and is using modern technologies. It is starting to open up – and this makes Moldova a great place to visit. Did I mention it’s super cheap too? A one-way ticket on Chișinău’s tramway costs 2MDL – just 7 pence. A monthly pass will cost you a total of £7 – that’s for a whole 30 days of unlimited travel. Just comparing prices, TfL …

It is a former Soviet Republic landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, its capital is Chișinău (kee-shi-now), has medieval fortresses and an archaeological site with excavations showing buildings dating from the Paleolithic era.

Moldova received a shade under 100,000 visitors in 2015, making it Europe’s third least visited nation. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Moldova now ranks fifth in the world in terms of fastest-growing number of tourists, up 28% in 2016 with 121,000 tourists.

What I am hoping to do and how I want to market Moldova?

I am planning trips to Moldova in the summer of 2018. This will mean smaller groups that are more tailored to you. We will travel together from London and get to do a trip to discover Moldova: this will be a trip amongst friends so share this if you know someone who would be interested to join us!

I hope to give back to the local communities and get involved in a charity so that this trip is also about helping others in one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. This trip will take you to a part of Europe that is not that popular but well worth visiting.

Moldova is a gem in the raw and if you would like to have real life experiences and pure hospitality from people who don’t have many foreign visitors should consider to travel to Moldova. I will share the details once we form a group of at least 15-20 people.

This trip is the one that will take you slightly out of your comfort zone, which is exactly why you should sign up. This is an opportunity to see less travelled places and make new friends along the way – this is the key to explore the world in person! If you want to mix with the locals, feel the life of the locals and have the best experience I hope to be your friend and guide in my country.


To my fellow Moldovans, no one can promote our country better than ourselves so please share the idea and let’s spread the word. This can be a different kind of summer! Join the campaign here:


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